Do more than belong: participate

Do more than care: help.

Do more than believe: practice.

Do more than be fair: be kind.

Do more than forgive: forget.

Do more than dream: work.

William Arthur Ward

You can pretend to care

But you can't pretend to show up

George L. Bell

The miracle is this - 

The more we share, the more we have

Leonard Nimoy

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Ocean Dance I - Lanie Loreth

Life's most consistent

and urgent questions is,

What are we doing for others?

Martin Luther King

We make a Living by what we Get

But we make a Life by what we Give

Winston Churchill

The purpose of life

is to contribute in some way

to making things better


The best way to Find yourself 

is to Lose yourself

​in the service of others


No one can sincerely help another without also helping himself

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you want to lift yourself up

Lift up someone else

Booker T. Washington

The only ones among you 

who will be truly happy 

are those who  found how to serve

Albert Schweitzer

Live today 

the way you want to

be remembered tomorrow

Dillon Burroughs

How wonderful it is ​

​that nobody need wait

a single moment

 to begin to improve the world.

Anne Frank