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Doctor or Nurse Practitioner?

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June 25

Ms. Spangler is an excellent provider.  She listens to your issues and then along with you tries to help you work through those issues. I always understand the things she is saying to me and it makes me feel better. I would recommend her to all my friends!

June 23

She is consistent and knowledgeable about my history and I don't have to go through it myself. She is very helpful with my medication. I trust her. 

June 18

Ms. Spangler asked all the right questions, was a good listener and was very knowledgeable. She was truly concerned about my well-being and the convenience of my treatment. Overall, my appointment was great!

June 11

This was my first visit with Eileen and I haven't talked with anyone about my troubles for over 5 years. I was a bit nervous. Eileen and her staff were very kind and helpful. The facility was awesome.

June 5

I've been in treatment since I was 13 years old but never felt normal until I started seeing Ms. Spangler. Now I think I could go back to school.

May 21

She really knows her stuff!!

May 14

Ms. Spangler was very thorough while obtaining my initial evaluation. She is incredibly easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable with her. I so appreciate how she took the time to explain things in such detail. She is great!!!

May 9

Thank you so much! I felt you really cared about my concerns. You took time to explain what specific medications are and their purpose. I felt I not only got medical help but I also walked out with more knowledge as well. I actually already referred someone to u.

May 5

Dr. Spangler was excellent and prescribed medications that for 40 years no one could diagnose my illness. I felt much better the next day and am still feeling very good. Thank you Dr. Spangler.

Apr 29

She was very easy to talk to and helped me understand the medications while listening to my concerns. 

Apr 23

Very helpful. Showed genuine concern for my physical as well as mental health. She is paying close attention to my medications to avoid any interactions or major side effects. 

Apr 22

Nice lady. She seems like she has it all together.

Apr 16

Knowledgeable and up to date in her field. Her clear direct manner in gathering information and explaining treatments are helpful and appreciated. Follows up with well written instructions and clarification of what the session covered.

Mar 23

I found her to be more efficient than the person I had been seeing.  She was very detailed in asking questions and answering mine.