Because of ObamaCare:

Insurance companies can no longer deny payments for pre-existing conditions

or mental health

and can no longer charge higher premiums for women than men. 

However, they are now denying payments for medications they used to cover.

If your insurance company refuses to pay for your medication they may require a 

PRIOR AUTHORIZATION,  a time consuming process 

explaining to them why we decided to use this medication for you. 
Since 2015, many Prior Authorizations are being DENIED, 

meaning even after the paperwork is completed 

they still are not going to pay for your medication.

If you would still like to use this medication,

you can choose to skip your insurance and pay for it without insurance.

Check for cheap medication payment options below.

Or, we can discuss alternative medications at your next appointment.

Ask for an earlier appointment if needed. 



      If you have additional questions or concerns about your medications or treatment,

  •       schedule an earlier appointment

      Refills are provided until your next scheduled appointment    

  •    ​​Call your pharmacy for your next refill

       If you have missed your appointment and are out of medications, ​                                     

  •      Call to reschedule an appointment to discuss restarting medications​

​Medications and prescriptions for controlled substances

reported as  destroyed,  lost, or stolen are not replaced

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