For medication refills, 

please contact your pharmacy

If you have missed an appointment, 

have additional questions

or concerns about your medications or treatment, 

please send an email toschedule a follow-up appointment

For questions about your insurance or co-pays

please contact your insurance company.

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Email contact is not intended as a substitute for follow-up sessions or for urgent situations.

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department if you are suicidal, in crisis or unsafe 

Email communication can be intercepted or misdirected.

Your use of email to communicate protected health information indicates

that you acknowledge and accept the possible risks associated with such communication.

Please consider communicating any sensitive information in person, by telephone, fax or mail.

If you are in crisis, suicidal, or feeling unsafe,

please  call  911  or  go  to  the  nearest  emergency  department

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